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The Kent Police in February following liaison with FBI officers in the United States arrested a male nurse who was planning to kill and eat a 14 year old girl .This case is being heard at the  Canterbury Crown Court,BBC reported

Nurse Dale Bolinger, 57, used the online Dark Fetish Network (DFN) to discuss beheading and eating women and girls for sexual gratification, Court was told.

Canibal Nurse Dale Bolinger

Canibal Nurse Dale Bolinger

He bought an axe in Broadstairs, Kent, in September 2012, the day before he was due to meet the girl, it was said.

Det Con Nicola Griffith, from Kent Police, told the court the FBI had passed chat logs on to detectives containing online conversations on DFN.
Many of the conversations involved discussions of eating children, which the court was told he referred to as “nice veal”, including eating a newborn female baby.

The court heard how Mr Bolinger’s online profile listed his interests as “cannibalism, mainly the hunting and preparation of young but sometime not so young women”.

Jurors heard that Mr Bolinger, formerly of Canterbury, thought he had been chatting to a 14-year-old Mexican girl called Eva, who was living in Germany.
During their chats he proposed to meet her at Ashford International station and discussed the sexual acts he would perform before and after her death.
Mr Yale said: “He said he would murder her with an axe or a cleaver and then he would eat her.”

Jurors heard that Mr Bolinger told the girl: “The idea of making love and then eating you is a very great turn-on.
“I have been called a very generous lover and I would be very generous to you before I prepped you for the table.”

He claimed to have eaten a 39-year-old woman and a five-year-old child during chats with other users on the Dark Fetish Network.