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The pastor and two members of a California church forced a 13-year-old boy to dig his own grave after he raped his seven year old sister.

The mother and two children were staying in a group home operated by the Heart of Worship Community Church; the mother allegedly asked Pastor Lonny Lee Remmers and two other men to “teach her son to be a man” reports the Christian Post.

Remmers, Nicholas James Craig and Darryll Duane Jeter, Jr. then assaulted the boy with a deadly weapon and forced him to dig a grave where the men threatened to bury him alive.


The boy said he dug for one to one and-a-half hours. He was then told to get into the hole and was told that depending on how he acts would determine if he would leave alive.”

He says  he was afraid he was going to be killed and begged both Nick and DJ for one more chance. He was also struck with belts as he tried to get out of the hole. He was eventually let out of the hole…”

Pastor Remmers’ sentence will be released on Sept. 26.