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A 21- year -old bride in Iran  is set to hang for killing her abusive husband.
Razieh Ebrahimi was married at 14, had a child at 15, shot her husband at 17 and is now on death row aged just 21.

Authorities arrested Ebrahimi – called “Maryam” in the local press – four years ago after she shot her husband in the head as he was sleeping and buried his body in the garden, a source told Human Rights Watch.

Child Bride in Iran to Hang for Killing Husband

Child Bride in Iran to Hang for Killing Husband

Imprisoned in the city of Ahvaz, she admitted guilt and said she snapped after several years of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her husband.

Charities including Human Rights Watch are fighting to have her sentence repealed and hold it up as an example of brutal capital punishment in Iran and other countries.