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By Kezia Agaba

Police in Mbale district are investigating circumstances under which three male students burnt to death in a dormitory at Mbale Comprehensive High School. The students identified as Magada Isaac,Eric Emoic and another Godowi Isaac had remained in the dormitory during preps time when the fire broke out.

The warden, Joseph Ojambo had locked the dormitory with a padlock from outside without checking on the burnt students who were sick and unable to go for preps. Police has already detained him and accused him of negligence.

The Eastern region police spokesperson, Diana Nandaula, told the press on Wednesday morning that all the cause of the fire is yet to be known but investigations are ongoing. The school officials have been accused of negligence and calling the fire brigade when it was too late to save the students.

This is the second fire outbreak in the same region in just two weeks. Another fire had earlier broken out at Mbale Oxford but no student died.