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By Kezia Agaba

Words have of recent decreased for the embattled royal couple- Christopher Thomas and Ruth Komuntale .With reports that the two  reunited secretly and are expecting a child ,it is also at this time that we point out that Komuntale has been reportedly in love with Kenyan rapper Kanja King Muchoki aka African King for a long time.

Ruth Komuntale Nsemere

Ruth Komuntale

The two are said to have been tight for a long time, the reason Thomas became a monster to Ruth shortly after their wedding and started up other relationships in revenge. Among them was that with Komuntale’s own Prilla Bagaya and the current Nigerian beauty.

A source from Tooro Kingdom was quoted as saying that, “Kanja actually came to Uganda undetected and even met with the Queen Mother who asked him to continue being a good friend to the Princess and restore the smiles and laughter in her life,”

“The Princess kept Kanja on the side dish…” the source noted adding that though Komuntale claimed he was a close friend, she failed to reduce on the closeness.

Kanja who featured on BET is popular for his songs like  Shorty say Ey, Cry for You (dedicated to Africa), and Take It .