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By Jumah Nsubuga

The leadership of Southern range Nyanza limited formally known as Nytil are castigating the Uganda peoples defence force (UPDF) for opting to procure UPDF uniforms outside the country especially from China and ignore Nytil yet it is also producing quality products.

Mr Vinay Kumar the managing director of South Range Nyanza limited said that Nytil last received orders from UPDF in 2012 yet UPDF procures new uniforms annually. “We are wondering why UPDF does not prioritize us and decide to procure uniforms outside the country yet we can make quality products. We are the ones supplying uniforms to police and prisons why not for UPDF?” He questioned.


“We get orders from South Sudan, Burundi, and Rwanda but not from our own UPDF.It is unfair for UPDF to procure counterfeit products from abroad yet Nytil can produce original products why government is not supporting us?” He wondered.

Meanwhile Buikwe district woman MP Dorothy Mpiima also questioned why UPDF keep on importing uniforms from China and other countries when Nytil can produce quality products.


“Ugandans should learn to support our own factories. Instead of importing products from abroad, we should procure from our own” She said.

Nytil which was formed in 1954 employs over 3000 Ugandans of which 60% are women. It is located at Njeru  town council in Buikwe district.

One of its major challenges is heavy TAXES and lack of businesses yet it has a lot of products.

They (Nytil bosses) urged government to establish a comprehensive USE/UPE uniform supply value chain to enhance consumption of locally grown cotton lint so that farmers of cotton get better farm gate prices.