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By Kezia Agaba

A happy Ugandan couple’s life came to a halt when their 2 year old child ‘John’ was born with serious wall defect where the intestine, stomach, bowel and urinary bladder prolapsed to outer body. The rare condition called ‘Cloacal Exstrophy’ occurs one in 400,000 children.

This rare condition is the most serious of all abdominal malformations. If detected in the Western World, during the prenatal ultrasound scan during pregnancy, the doctors make sure that the pregnancy is terminated. Despite the frightening malformation, the parent’s reached out to Narayana Health City Bangalore.

John was malnourished when brought to the hospital; however thorough assessment by team of pediatric surgeons, anaesthetist, headed by Dr. Ashley D’ Cruz successfully repaired the defect. The complicated surgery lasted for about 10 hours.