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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

It was quite a hustle for President Museveni to make his points in his State-of-the-Nation address at Serena Hotel on Thursday. As he promised to continue investing heavily in the agricultural sector, industry, services and ICT ,opposition members of parliament heckled and booed him saying he was singing the ‘expected old song.

They accused him of neglecting key issues affecting the economy like the war in South Sudan and investing little money in the agricultural sector yet it is the backbone of the economy.

President Museveni

“His speech was a traditional one telling us about what we already know instead of tackling key issues like explaining the UPDF’s continued stay in South Sudan. He dodged the topic completely and instead told us how the Naads Secretariat was failIng. This has become the usual song,” said Mr Kyanjo.

“He said that the sectors where he puts money are not the ones that employ people like the road sector, power and defence. He also pinned his government officials on corruption and emphasised the importance of the agriculture sector but he has failed to walk the talk in allocating more resources, meaning he was simply making empty promises,” said Mr Geoffrey Ekanya (Tororo Municipality), the opposition Shadow finance minister.

Museveni however went ahead and highlighted the economic progress of the country the size of the economy currently stands at Shs63.3 trillion ($25.3billion), indicating an increase of 5.7 per cent in the current financial year