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By our reporter
Busongora North MP  Kasese district William Nzonghu (FDC) has compared the ruling party (NRM) to a devil.
“I have compared NRM to a devil from the biblical perspective where a
woman who were possessed by evil splits until she accessed Jesus
onetime asking for heeling hand and Jesus cast the devils and sent
them to pigs” He added that “the ruling party (NRM) will continue to
behave as evil splits because it is killing our country”. He said.
He also noted that “NRM is a diseased party with chronic disease of
which Ugandans have to cure it by pushing it out of power so that they
do not contaminate Ugandans with tape warns.
On the issue of pigs that stormed parliament in a unique way,Mr
Nzonghu saluted the two youths who beat security at parliament as the
way of expressing dissatisfaction about unemployment in Uganda,
corruption and high level of poverty. “Surly it was a surprise
phenomenal that has never experienced to this country especially to
parliament. The youths brought swine pigs printed with the ruling
party colour (yellow) as the way of expressing disappointment by the
NRM party. I therefore urge the youth to move with more extra yellow
pigs to state house Entebbe, Nakasero and Rwakitura where the
president sleeps”.
Meanwhile Butambala county MP Muwanga Kivumbi also compared NRM
members to Marabou stalk. “It is the only bird which can never get
tired to eat. These people have cued everything they are getting
across. They swindled 5Mshs for removing term limits; they also cued
4Mshs for endorsing president Museveni a sole candidate for 2016.Am
wondering why these people do not get tired of swindling tax payer’s
“Pigs to beat security and accessed parliament premise indicated that
they are also tired of corruption. This time they were pigs but we are
yet to see snakes also invade parliament over the same matter
(corruption)” Said Karungu West MP Joseph Sewungu (DP).
Ayivu county MP in Arua district Bernard Atiku (FDC) said that “the
youth had genuine reasons why they brought pigs at parliament tinted
in yellow color.The fact is government has failed to handle issues
affecting youths of this country. That demonstration was unique and I
will fight for their rights as the shadow minister for youths since
they were also fighting for their rights” Atiku said.
The shadow cabinet has urged police to immediately release the youths
who were arrested yesterday at parliament or they be taken to court
and be charged than keeping them in custody.
Yesterday evening two youth were arrested at parliament with two pigs
colored yellow demonstrating about the increasing un employment
affecting the youth of the country corruption among other vises which
need be addressed. The youth were later arrested and considered for
interrogation by the parliamentary CID.