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By Kezia Agaba

Since she battling with the case of embezzling the white businessman’s money, socialite Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black has been defending her actions without pinning anyone for her actions .She however now points figures to her former lover Meddie Sentongo.

Bad Black

Black accuses Meddie for tricking to take David Greenhalgh’s money.While appearing at the Commercial Court  as a witness in the case where Greenhalgh is seeking to attach Meddie’s property to recover USD3M, Bad Black said that she used just a portion of the USD4M and the rest was given to her ex-lover, Meddie Ssentongo.

Bad Black added that part of the money that she had (USD 600,000) has so far been refunded to the British businessman.
David ran to the commercial court seeking recovery of the money he lost.

The Anti-Corruption court found Meddie and Bad Black guilty and were both sentenced though they did not ask them to refund.
Meddie was released  last year. Bad Black is still serving her sentence in Luzira Prison.