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A couple in Lagos Nigeria is threatening to sue a pastor of a church from where they dedicated their child and id died shortly after .The pastor whose names have been withheld did not even carry the child in his hands while dedicating it .He just sprinkled oil on its head and started praying. He then moved out of the church immediately.

It was later discovered that the baby belonging to Godwin and Amaka Mark was dead in church .It had stopped breathing.

Baby Dies After Dedication in Church
The source said the Pastor (names withheld) dedicated the baby on June 1 but soon after the blessing, the baby reportedly gave up right there in church.

Mrs. Mark is said to be pointing accusing fingers at the Pastor who, according to her, had a hand in her baby’s death.

“It was an unusual thing to have seen a pastor dedicating a baby without carrying the baby on his hand. What the Pastor did was to sprinkle oil and he prayed without even touching the baby. When someone who was invited by the couple, Godwin and Amaka Mark asked them why the pastor wasn’t carrying the baby, they stated that it was a norm in that church for babies to be dedicated in that manner. Soon after the benediction, the Pastor disappeared from the church and when the parents of the dead baby realized that their child was no more breathing, they called the pastor on his mobile phone.” Said the source

The pastor refused to come back to the church stating that he had already taken off his clothes. He was further told that the baby which he had just dedicated was dead and his response was, “it is well”!

The child was buried and the couple is organizing a legal action against the pastor.

The pastor has also threatened to sue Mrs Amaka Mark if she does not retract her statement within 7days.Mr and Mrs Mark  have made it very clear to the pastor that they were ready for any legal tussle with him. Now the pastor has been pleading with the couple in order not to make it public.