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By Kezia Agaba

Uganda’s long time Comedy group Amarula Family has split into two, shortly after the splitting of Eagles Production.The group comprised of Eddie Kigere ,Messe Bontwe and Amooti Omubaranguzi split early last week ,with Amooti accusing Messe Bontwe  of selfishness and misuse of money from the comedy group.

Amooti has formed his own Comedy group and named it Amarula Production after failing to succeed in getting the name Amarula Family Reloaded.Amooti claims that unlike the late Paddy Bitama ,the remaining group members have not been focused to the dreams and missions of Amarula Family.

Amooti Omubalanguzi

Messe Bontwe however says that Amooti is jealous of him because he misuses the money they get in their shows and then accuses Him -Messe of taking the Lion’s share.