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A 16 year old boy in Norfolk, Virginia has pleaded guilty to murdering his parents for taking his iPod.Vincent was an only child being raised by his hard working parents Carol, 57, and father Wayne Parker, 55 but he did not spare their lives.

While the 57 year old woman was first blinded and unable to defend herself on the fateful day -December 19, 2013.Vincent stabbed his mother in the eye, and then beat her with a crowbar and metal baseball bat ‘until she stopped breathing’. A medical examiner noted 25 separate smashes and stabs on Mrs Parker’s neck, face and head.

Vincent Parker

Vincent Parker

Vincent then waited patiently over his dead mother’s body until his father came in the house. He surprised his dad and hit him in the back of the head with a crowbar, smashing his skull. He then stabbed his father multiple times.

Luckily his father didn’t die from the mortal wounds. He managed to call 9-1-1 and tell them what happened. When the ambulance arrived Carol had already died. Wayne survived a short time but died in the hospital.

He pleaded  guilty to two counts of second degree murder. A psychological evaluation found him to be both 100% sane and intelligent.