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By Kezia Agaba

On Wednesday opposition officials took time to defend themselves against allegations that they massively rigged the Luwero by election votes leading to the victory of DP’s Brenda Nabukenya.

DP boss Nobert Mao said that the victory of Nabukenya is a sign that people of Luwero have taken a second thought about the opposition against the ruling National Resistance movement party whose candidate Rebecca Nalwanga lost.

Norbert Mao

Mao also boasted that there was unity among the opposition and victory is a lesson well learned about unity.Other opposition officials like Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kizza and Independent Gerald Karuhanga dismissed reports of vote rigging in the Luwero by election.

The Minister without portfolio Richard Todwong however asserted that NRM supported were intimidated and others did not even vote for their candidate, confirming president Museveni’s reports that there was massive vote rigging by the opposition.