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By Jumah Nsubuga

Former Vice President, also Busiro north MP Gilbert Bukenya has stated that nobody can chase him out of the ruling party NRM despite campaigning for DP candidate in Luwero Brenda Nabukenya.

He told journalists at parliament that the police acts exhibited in Luwero forced him to cross to the opposition camp in Luwero although he belongs to NRM party.

“The injustices expressed by police in Luwero forced me to go and campaign for Nabukenya although my chairman Mr Museveni campaigned for party (NRM) flag bearer Rebecca Nalwanga” Police decided to use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse Nabukenya’s  fans yet she was fully nominated by the electoral commission. Why didn’t police use tear gas and rubber bullets also to disperses Nalwanga’s fans ? He asked. Adding that “blocking people is not constitutional. Police did not shoot in Bamunanika were Mr Museveni went to campaign for Nalwanga.It was unfair” He stressed.

“I will continue supporting my people who face injustices from the government. I have over 3600 voters in Luwere and I will direct them to vote for Nabukenya”. He said

When he was asked whether he is ready to interface with NRM disciplinary committee Prof Bukenya said that, he is more than ready to appear before the party disciplinary committee but nobody can intimidate him because he is a civilized Ugandan.

“ Am still a member of NRM. Only my mother can sack me but she died. Nobody else can sack me. Am still a member of NRM but if my party intimidates me, I will also fight it because I have the capacity to fight it. Uganda needs unity not parties. I have decided to sacrifice myself to bring unity to Ugandans come 2016.” He said

About the endorsement of Mr Museveni as a soul candidate come 2016, Prof Bukenya said that it is up them but for him is still moving with his mission for standing in 2016. “Kyankwanzi resolution is fake. They did not follow the party constitution. The national executive committee (NEC), central executive committee (CEC) together with the national conference has powers to decide the party flag bearer of which they did not endorse Mr Museveni. I know the party constitution and I will use it to contest with anybody come 2016” The angry Prof Bukenya noted.

He further said that the money used by NRM MPs to go and sell president Museveni to local people was  wasted adding that it could have been used to pay civil servants especially teachers.