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By Kezia Agaba

President Yoweri Museveni was the Chief Guest at the National Labour Day celebrations in Ntungamo district on Thursday. He hailed a number of entrepreneurs  like Julian Adyeri,Gordon Wavamunno and Madvani Group who have boosted the job market by their innovations and noted that more industries need to be set up to solve the unemployment burden to the country.

He noted that advocates of the establishment of the minimum wage should first way its outcomes to the country, citing South Africa where labour unions have frustrated the economy with such campaigns.

President Museveni

He noted that it is only through sustained infrastructure and industrial development through which the problem of jobs can be solved. Museveni however expressed readiness to discuss the issue of minimum wage with worker’s leaders.

Meanwhile in Kampala a number of youth took to the streets to protest the rampant joblessness in the country. One of the activists, Andrew Karamagi noted that it if the govenrment’s role to provide jobs to its citizens. “It is our constitutional right to be given jobs “He said

The youth held placards condemning the government’s unresponsiveness to the biting unemployment in the country.