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By Kezia Agaba

Mujib Kasule has resigned as FUFA Vice President (in charge of technical and super league).

Kasule said on Friday that ,”It is very true, i resigned my positions of FUFA vice President (in charge of the super league and technical). Because my team was relegated to the Big league, i ceased to hold my position as a Super League Club Representative”.

Mujib further clarified on the talk about the position of technical he also held. “Automatically, when i am no longer on the Executive as a super league VP, there is no way i can continue with the technical work”, he clarified.

Mujib Kasule Resigns

Kasule however promised to work for the growth and development of football in the country.

Mujib Kasule is the third FUFA official to resign after Rogers Mulindwa, the former FUFA spokesperson, and John Bazilengedde, the federation’s lawyer, under the administration of Engineer Moses Magogo.