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By Kezia Agaba

Luwero District Woman representative candidate was nominated on Monday. The nomination which attracted several opposition figures to Luwero district ended with firing of teargas and gunshots to stop the procession the opposition officials had organized in the middle of the town.

It all started when Nabukenya’s group disagreed with the police on the route to take from the nomination venue.

Brenda Nabukenya

Police was forced to fire teargas in the air and gunshots to stop it immediately. Brenda Nabukenya is the only DP candidate in the by- election which was organized after NRM candidate, Rebecca Nalwanga contested the results of the first by –election.

She cited unfairness in the election and appealed against the results to have them cancelled. The NRM candidate thus seeks to reclaim the seat. Nalwanga and another candidate, Kandala Lumala will also be nominated on Tuesday