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By Our Staff Writer

War victims from northern Uganda and Luwero have spoken out on their healing process and reconciliation with perpetrators .The victims were meeting at the three -day National War Victims Conference organized by AYINET at Imperial Royal Hotel in Kampala .

Most of the victims say though there have been calls on them to forgive the perpetrators, most of them still need medical help, financial support to take their children to school and catering for basic needs.

Suzan Achan from Empowering Hands ,an NGO in Northern Uganda said that victims can only forgive the perpetrator of the wars and heal if they are supported to live a happy life ,say taking their children to good schools ,helping formerly woman to be accepted back to their communities among other things.

On rehabilitation programs, the victims want exclusiveness to enjoy benefits set aside for their healing. “We want programs set aside for the actual victims of the wars ,some programs like ‘Entandikwa’ have been set up to help war victims but have ended up being targeted for development by the whole country.” Said a war victim from Luwero district. He asked government to set up short term programs to help war victims.

Meanwhile AYINET Director Victor Ochen said that though the NGO has greatly been involved in medical and psychosocial support of victims, they are still facing a problem of limited funding and complexity of cases of some war victims. He said that a great number of war victims in northern Uganda still have bone fragments in their bodies and their treatment is beyond the Uganda Medical service provision.