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By Kezia Agaba

The former president of the Forum for Democratic Change party, Dr. Kizza Besigye, has said that guns will not be part of the opposition struggle for power.

Besigye, Major General Mugisha Muntu and UPC president Dr. Olara Otunnu were addressing joint rallies in Western Districts of Kasese, Runkungiri and Ntungamo over the weekend when he noted that an armed struggle disempowers the population and cannot be part of the opposition struggle for power.

“An armed struggle dis-empowers the population, so guns are not appropriate for our struggle now. People power is stronger than guns,” he said.

“We know where the guns are. We can get them and we also know how to use them. But guns should not be used because they destroy lives and property. We need people power not guns.” He noted

The opposition leaders also visited Kilembe hospital to assess the damage caused by floods that were fueled last week when River Nyamwamba burst its banks .