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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

On Monday, the West Nile marked 100 years since the region became part of Uganda. The celebration where President Museveni was Guest of Honor were held at Arua Hill Boma grounds.

The anniversary will be marked annually on a rotational basis across the eight districts of West Nile ,said Susan Onyiru, the chairperson of the West Nile centenary celebrations organising committee.The eight districts which make up the West Nile include;Adjumani ,Arua ,Koboko ,Maracha ,Moyo ,Nebbi ,Yumbe , and Zombo District

West Nile Sub-region

West Nile was originally part of the “Lado Enclave”, named after the river port of Lado located in the South Sudan. The enclave which consisted of territory which is today northern Uganda and South Eastern Sudan was part of the Congo Free State until 1910 when it reverted to Anglo- Egyptian control, as per the Anglo- German Treaty of 1890. According to the 1890 treaty, Belgian King Leopold’s hold on to the territory would lapse at the end of his reign.

Another treaty signed on August 14, 1894, gave the Lado Enclave to King Leopold II on lease until his death in 1910. During the first decade of the 20th century, the British sought by force to establish total control over southern Sudan and to achieve this end, the Sudan- Uganda border was delimited in 1913 and amended in 1914 when Sudan ceded the southern tip of the Lado Enclave, i.e. West Nile, to Uganda Protectorate.

The new boundaries were officially promulgated on April 21, 1914 by the British Government.