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By Jumah Nsubuga

The Uganda Christian University, Kabale branch is soon to face off with Civil Society organizations advocating for Human Rights for expelling girls over pregnancy.

The civil society organizations  which includ Health Rights Action Group, Uganda National Health Users/consumers Organization among others say that ,they have started a protest demanding the university to revise its decision failure to do so, they will face off each other in courts of law.

While addressing news reporters today in Kampala, the executive director for health rights action group Ms Allen Kuteesa said that, the decision was unfair to young girls since there was no room for fair hearing.

She said that, the university should reverse its decision and allow these
girls complete their studies. “These girls should be allowed to come back at the varsity and finish up there studies failure to do so we shall follow the matter legally. She added that “We are ready to talk to the university leadership since being pregnant is not condemned in our constitution” She noted. Adding that, the selective dismissal deny female students equal opportunities for education as their male counterparts which creates unfavorable conditions for education, they do not freely associate with fellow students hence casting a dark cloud on their future which is linked to double jeopardy”

“We want the minister in charge of higher education John Chrizestom Muyingo,the relevant committees of legal,health and gender at parliament and the ministry of labour,gender and social development to  pursue this matter to its logical conclusions and have the students reinstated unconditionally or their fees refunded in the alternative. They also (CSOs) want this matter be harmonized and nationalize education policies and regulations” She added.

Meanwhile the executive director Uganda national health users/consumers organization Robinah Kaitiritimba also said that, the university should aim towards transforming the students into productive citizens rather than making them vulnerable. “The act of dismissing these girls over pregnancy is not the solution because many will opt for abortion and eventually lose lives” She said.

“Pregnancy is not anywhere in Uganda’s legal regime a crime or a sin. The dismissal or any form of reprimand to pregnant student for whatever reasons is a violation of their unique reproductive rights” She noted.

However, Prof Manuel Muranga says UCU is a Christian university which teach students who are accountable to God, “We only teach students who are accountable to GOD”