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By Kezia Agaba

Members of parliament are set to have their salaries increased by Shs 11 million if the treasury approves the request by the parliamentary Commission.  Some legislators are however opposed to them move since they are worried that it may reflect them as greedy.

The demand  for an extra Shs43 billion is captured in the Budget Framework Paper, a blue-print for the 2014/15 budget. Though Shs19 billion had been provided for salaries, the Clerk to Parliament, Ms Jane Kibirige, has written to the Finance Ministry saying the amount is not enough.

Currently, each MP earns a basic salary of about Shs3 million, which is taxed. They also get a subsistence allowance of Shs4.5 million, mileage allowance of Shs3.8 million, constituency allowance of Shs3.5 million, gratuity of Shs950,000, which is also taxed, and town run allowance of about Shs1 million.