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A man accused of robbery and assault  was shot and killed in a Salt Lake City court after he lunged at a witness giving evidence.
Siale Angilau, 25, died in hospital after being shot several times by a US marshal in front of the jury at the new federal courthouse.

Siale Angilau who was shot dead in  the courtroom

Siale Angilau

The FBI said he had rushed towards the witness with a pen in an “aggressive, threatening manner”.Angilau was the last of 17 accused gang members tried as part of 2010 case.The case included 29 counts, including assault, conspiracy, robbery and weapons offences,BBC reported

Perry Cardwell, who was in the courtroom with his adult daughter, told the Associated Press news agency at least six shots were fired.
The witness on the stand at the time was not identified and was not injured.

He appeared to be in his mid-20s and was testifying about gang initiation, Mr Cardwell said.
The building was temporarily closed after the shooting and later reopened.