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By Kezia Agaba

The High Court has approved the bid by the Electoral Commission to have 10 inactive political parties to be de-registered. The EC petitioned court, seeking permission to de-register the parties over alleged inactivity. The parties in question had not updated their profiles in the commission’s records.

Badru Kiggundu

EC Boss Badru Kiggundu

The 10 political parties to be de-registered include;

-Progressive Alliance Party (PAP) – registered April 13, 2005

-Bridge Party (BP) – registered October 13, 2005

-National Redemption Party (NRP)-registered December 14, 2005

-Action Party (AP)-registered December 15, 2004.

-Uganda Mandate Party (UMP)-registered March 22, 2005

-New Order Democracy (NOM -registered October 15, 2005

-People’s Independent Party (PIP)- registered April 7, 2004.

-Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)-registered July 28, 2004

- Movement Volunteers Mobilisers Organisation (MVMO)- registered March 22, 2005

-Reform Party (RP)-registered March 22, 2005.