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By Jumah Nsubuga

Journalists and Female legislators clashed in a dialogue on effective use of the media organized by Uganda women parliamentary association (UWOPA)  on Friday.The dialogue was also attended by the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

The female legislators accused journalists for writing negatively about them. Lira district woman MP Atim Joy Ongom said that some journalists connive with their opponents to tarnish MPs names by publicizing negative stories.
“It has become a habit of journalists to publicize negative stories about female MPs with orders from opponents simply because they facilitate them” She said.

She also accused the media of giving publicity male MPs neglecting them. “Am wondering why whenever issue transpires at parliament, all journalists run to male MPs to talk to them as if we (the female MPs) are not MPs.That business of discrimination must stop because we also represent people who need to know what we are doing in parliament”.

Kampala woman MP Nabirah Ssempala also blamed journalist for being selective while doing their work.

Nabila Nagayi

Hon Nabila Nagayi

“We all talk issues in the House but at the end of the day you only see Kampala central MP Mohammed Nsereko,Lwemiyaga county MP Theodore Sekikubo,western region youth MP Gerald Kaluhanga  in papers, TVs and all radios across the country. I beg journalists to be balance while doing their work” She urged.

While defending themselves, journalists also accused female MPs for not talking important issues in parliament. “We chose to run for male MPs because they talk sense and they also know the importance of the media. Female MPs are camera shy to why they refuse to comment on sensitive issue” Said NTV’s Agnes Nandutu.

“Male MPs are always ready for journalists which is not on female side. We shall not look for female MPs until they change their ways of work” She added.

Meanwhile the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga urged journalists to be objective while doing their work. She also questioned why journalists spend little time in parliament.