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By Kezia Agaba

Former Ugandan boxing champion Kassim was arrested last weekend in Los Angeles for boxing a man after the man allegedly made several gay advances towards him.

Reports indicated that the former IBF junior middleweight champion told police he was in a bar and struck up a conversation with a guy in the establishment.

Kassim Ouma

Kassim Ouma

After enjoying each other’s conversation, they went back to the man’s apartment for a drink. That’s when Ouma says the unidentified man began pushing up on him. Kassim Ouma claims to have denied the man’s advances politely but the man refused to take no for an answer.

When Ouma got up to leave, he says the man made one more attempt and Ouma shoved the man backwards.The man didn’t take too kindly to being shoved because the altercation escalated to the point Ouma knocked the guy out.

Those charges were dropped however; he is behind bars illegal cocaine possession. He faces 3 years in jail upon conviction.