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By Kezia Agaba

Recently, singer Jose Chameleone expressed his disappointment over the overplaying of Nigerian songs in Ugandan clubs neglecting Ugandan hits. Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool has joined his cause saying Ugandan songs are not overplayed in Nigeria the way Nigerian Songs ramble in different Ugandan clubs.

“In Nigeria, do they play Ugandan songs?” Bebe Cool asked while at a radio show on Saturday. He thanked DJs who have been supporting Ugandan music for all those years

“My advice to Ugandan artists, ignore all Ugandan DJS, TVS and Radio Stations who opt to play Nigerian music more than Ugandan. I personally pity them coz they do not have a single idea how hard it was to push out Lingala music making Ugandan music a priority hence creating jobs for our brothers and sisters who today’s  stars.” He said via the social media

Bebe Cool on Nigerian Music

Bebe Cool on Nigerian Music

“I fully respect all DJS who are taking Ugandan music as a priority and all the other music next. Am not saying Nigerian music should not be played, it should be played as much as any other country music but Ugandan music must be played more. Patriotism (don’t forget in Nigeria they play Nigerian music more).thx” He added

The late Philly,Elly Wamala,Paul Job Kafero,were supported and pushed by home people despite the quality and type of music. Lastly, when climbing a tree don’t start from the leaves start from the stem.Bebe Cool noted on his Facebook wall