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By Kezia Agaba

It is interesting to know some other details about Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe, besides his long stay in power. His upbringing, education and lifestyle has been unique, no wonder, he stands as one of the long serving presidents in the world.
Below are some 7 unique facts about Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

1-His father abandoned him
In 1934 Robert Mugabe’s father abandoned their family after the death of his oldest brother Michael. Mugabe started a whole new family .President Mugabe revealed this in January 2014, at his sister Bridget’s burial.

2-Mugabe Worked as a teacher before becoming president
Robert Mugabe worked as a school teacher prior to beginning his political career, first teaching in Ghana and then returning to Zimbabwe to join the revolution against the white government of Rhodesia.

3- Robert Mugabe has 7 university degrees
President Mugabe has seven University degrees .Six of the degrees were earned while he was doing distance learning in prison. They cover a broad range of topics including education, economics, administration, and law. Degrees include a Bachelor of Laws and Master’s of Laws from the University of London’s external program, earned during his stint in a Salisbury prison.

4-Mugabe was helped by a white nun
Though the Rhodesians did release Mugabe from prison, he was not supposed to leave the country. A white nun helped him to cross into Mozambique, where he was able to rejoin the revolutionary armies.

5- Cheated on his first wife while she was dying of cancer
While his first wife was struggling with her cancer, Mugabe started up with his private secretary, Grace. When it came out that she was pregnant with his child, he ignored popular opinion and married her in 1996.

6- Has a strong religious upbringing
Mugabe attended Jesuit school, and credits an Irish priest as one of his most influential mentors in his youth.

7-Mugabe plans to run for president again in 2018
Mugabe has announced his intention to run again for election in 2018 for the office that he has held since 1987. Mugabe won the most recent election in Zimbabwe in 2013 with 61 percent of the vote