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A woman in Argentina died on March 6th after injecting her breasts with Vaseline. Sonia Perez Llanzon, 39 wanted to give herself a breast augmentation with the Vaseline.

Sonia Perez Llanzon who injected her  breasts  with vaseline

Sonia Perez Llanzon who injected her breasts with Vaseline

She suffered a pulmonary embolism — or blot clot in her lungs — and died days after her rare beauty action, according to a Huffington Post translation of La Capital

When Llanzon went to a Santa Rosa hospital after she developed difficulty breathing,
Doctors said she initially denied injecting herself, but later admitted that she’d tried to give herself a breast augmentation.

“In all my medical career, I’ve never seen a case like this. The human body has antibodies to remove bacteria and viruses, but it hasn’t got any mechanisms against this type of product,” Julio Pla Cardenas, chief of surgery at Lucio Molas Hospital in Santa Rosa