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The United Nations peacekeeping chief  has called on the  fighting parties in South Sudan to respect the their ceasefire agreement they signed two months ago, amid reports of an outbreak of fresh fighting between Government and opposition forces .

Two tank shells exploded about 200 metres from the Mission’s compound yesterday, wounding a displaced civilian sheltering at the protection site. Sporadic arms fire and artillery shell explosions were also heard, also not far away from the compound.

South Sudan Refuguees

“The security and humanitarian situation in South Sudan will continue to deteriorate until the parties fully engage in the political talks, respect the cessation of hostilities and allow freedom of movement for the United Nations and its partners,” Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hervé Ladsous said as he briefed the Security Council.

“Both parties continue to prioritize the pursuit of military gains over talks towards a comprehensive political settlement. The crisis has already affected the security of the region. The longer it goes on, the more chances for further regional intervention will grow.” he added