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By Ahura Mujuni Mark and Agencies

The U.S State Department has kept Congress in the dark on the process of changing the status of U.S. aid to Uganda.Since President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality bill into law, the Obama administration officials have repeatedly said there would be a “review” of U.S.-funded programs in Uganda, but have declined to discuss details of that review or options for reallocating funding.

Barack Obama

U.S President Barack Obama

“From the outside it appears to be a mess,” a Senate source said according to BuzzFeed World website. “There’s been no communication with Congress that we are aware of.” The source added

“My sense is they haven’t made up their minds yet” on how to handle this dilemma,” a House aide said. The aide also noted that reaching decisions on Uganda is a challenge because any decision could have very broad implications:

United States has allocated more than $400 million in aid to Uganda for HIV and other health programs. While the Obama administration may want to send a message about LGBT rights and avoid funding organizations that might turn in LGBT people — some current grantees have even openly backed the anti-gay law — the administration also does not want to appear to be cutting off anti-retroviral therapy to those relying on those programs.