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An unknown Asian woman believed to be singer Justine Beiber’s fan was found sleeping in his rented mansion in Atlanta.

The woman identified as Qianying Zhao, 23, from nearby Doraville told police that she had come to the house for the singer’s birthday party and realized she was too late for it. She was discovered deep asleep in one of the rooms in the house after 5 pm by the niece of the man who is renting his Atlanta estate to Bieber.

Qianying Zhao Found in Justine Beiber's House

Qianying Zhao who was Found in Justine Beiber’s House

Police say Zhao told officers that she claimed to be a friend of Bieber’s, and had entered the unoccupied home through an unlocked door.

She was arrested by police for criminal trespass, according to TMZ. Zhao was handcuffed and taken to an Alpharetta jail.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Bieber’s birthday party had been held earlier in the week at another place.