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By Jumah Nsubuga

The minister of relief, disaster preparedness and refugees Hillary Onek MPs sitting on the parliamentary committee on presidential Affairs about the war amongst South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

Minister Onek said that, although South Sudanese are in camps, they have not stopped their tribal wars were by the Dinka’s don’t want to associate with the Nuers.

“We have tried to sensitize them but it’s like both of them don’t want to associate with each other” Minister Onek said.

South Sudan fighting

Meanwhile the MPs said that, since Uganda government has provided the basic needs to South Sudanese, they should stop their tribal differences and settle in camps peacefully.

Kawempe North MP Latif Ssebaggala said that, government through the line ministry of relief, disaster preparedness and refugees should create an environment where these people leave together without fighting each other. “We should also sensitize and encourage them how to leave together because they are brothers and sisters” Hon Latif advised.

Ntenjeru south MP Patrick Nsaja said that “These people should forget their tribal wars and concentrate on their lives since Uganda government has played her role of giving them all the primary basic needs like shelter, food, good health and medical facilities among others. We are not concerned about their tribal wars.”

Uganda is now catering for over 334848 refugees from different countries of which South Sudan has 93146 refugees.
Congo has the big number of refugees with 170259, Rwanda with 14792, Somalia 17792, Kenya 1010, Burundi 13031, Eritrea 5201, Ethiopia 1448, Sudan 1261 and others 9871.
According to the commissioner refugees in the office of the Prime Minister Mr Apolo Kazungu both South Sudan and Congo conflicts may generate over one million refugees in the next two years. “There is a need to prepare and ensure there are facilities to accommodate such big number of asylum seekers” Mr Kazungu said.

He however urged parliament to support government in securing and protecting all settlements by sensitizing communities about the importance of setting aside land for settling refugees.