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By Jumah Nsubuga

The minister for security Muluri Mukasa has called Ugandans not to be worried over the staying of  DRC’s M-23 rebels  in Uganda.

Speaking to journalists in Kampala yesterday, the minister  said that M-23 rebels came to Uganda after an agreement among the two governments but any time they will be returned to DRC.

Minister Muruli Mukasa

Minister Muruli Mukasa

“Uganda government has no interest of keeping these rebels in Uganda. There are here but with time they will go back to their home country. I therefore want to call upon Ugandans not to get worried because M-23 rebels are under control by Uganda government” The minister said

He added that “the M-23 rebels are taken care of  with  funds from the Uganda budget with some funding from  the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and United Nations” He added.

The minister further maintained that Uganda’s relationship with DRC is still good despite of keeping M-23 rebel’s presence in Uganda.

It’s reported that close to 1700 M-23 rebels were disarmed when they fled to Uganda from DRC.