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Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta has reduced his salary and that of his vice president by 20%.Uhuru Kenyatta announced on Friday that he and Deputy President William Ruto will take a 20 percent pay cut while members of his cabinet will see their pay reduced by 10 percent with immediate effect.

The move is aimed at reducing the country’s rising wage bill, which he said was unsustainable.

President Kenyatta earns 1.2 million shillings ($13,900) a month while his deputy takes home 1.1 million shillings. Cabinet secretaries earn about 800,000 shillings. The country’s minimum wage is about 5,756 shillings a month.

Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta

But generally, Kenya’s wage bill increased following additional levels of government that were introduced by the adoption of the 2010 constitution which among others things introduced 47 county governments with elective offices that required recruitment of additional staff

Kenya’s legislators are among the highest earners in Africa. The legislators in the East African Country also earn more than those in France.

Many Kenyans consider their legislators overpaid and greedy.