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Michele Obama made her first independent trip to China with her two daughters Malia and Sasha. They met Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan.

Sasha 12, and Malia 15, looked all grownup and gorgeous  in fashionable attires just like their mother .Sasha matched her mom in a belted red dress that seemed to mirror the same silhouette of Michelle’s dress while Malia opted for a short-sleeved floral mini that gave the illusion of a crop top and skirt combo without showing skin.

Obama's Daughers 'Malia and Shasha' All Grown Up and Gorgeous

Obama’s Daughters Sasha (Extreme Left) and Malia (Extreme Right)

The three visited the Chinese Great Wall. On Saturday, she visited Peking University where she promoted the free flow of information and freedom of speech and on Sunday, hosted a discussion about education with Chinese professors, students, and parents.

Obama's Daughers 'Malia and Shasha' All Grown Up and Gorgeous2

Sasha Michele and Malia Obama

They will return to Washington on Wednesday.