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By Jumah Nsubuga

The minister for presidency Frank Tumwebaze has warned all politicians not to involve RDC’s into their politics.

While appealing before parliamentary committee of presidential Affairs chaired by Col Fred Musegye, minister Tumwebaze said that, politicians should leave RDC’s to do their work of monitoring government programs.

Frank Tumwebaze

“There is a tendency but some politicians to involve RDC’s into their politics and forget to do their work. We are going to issue a warning to all RDC’s that they are not supposed to enter into people’s politics but to supervising and monitoring government programs at district level” He said.

“We are going to take all RDC’s at Kyankwanzi national leadership institute this month to teach them some military drills and orient them about their Role as RDC’s“The minister added.

When he was asked about the incompetency of RDC’s, the minister said that this time all RDC’s have minimum qualifications adding that some RDC’s have master degrees. “This time honorable members we have got better RDC’s with required documents and we are going to empower them” He noted.

Elsewhere minister Tumwebaze confirmed to the committee that, the ministry of presidency is coming up with a law on patriotism. He said that this law is specifically to teach Ugandans how to love their country.

“This law is needed because the duty of a citizen is fight, protect the country but some people connive to disorganize government programs by holding un lawful demonstrations. We really need a law that will put people to order and bring Ugandans together adding that “This country belongs to all of us, presidents come and go away the same apply to ministers and other leaders but Uganda will never go any were. We should teach Ugandans to love their country by bringing a law for them”.

In 2009 president Museveni launched a country wide campaign for establishing of patriotism clubs in secondary and post primary schools in order to inculcate the norms and values of patriotism among the youths and students in secondary schools. The introduction of patriotic clubs was intended to provide a platform to increase the national consciousness of this big category of citizens.

Since 2010 the patriotic clubs was established, the focus has mainly been on ideological empowering the large teaching force for both public and private schools.

The MPs expressed concerned to why students are given military training as the way of teaching them patriotism.Moyo East MP Tom Aza said that, patriotism should be included in school curriculum than giving students military training.

Otuke county MP Fr Jacinto Ogwal said that “this program is good but all students across the country should benefit in this program adding that since the program started in schools, government should introduce civic education in schools that give  young people military trainings”.