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By Jumah Nsubuga

Legislators sitting on the parliamentary forum on fisheries have accused the State Minister for Fisheries, Ruth Nankabirwa ,of using the people she employs to curb illegal fishing to extort money and impound mature fish from fishermen illegally especially in Mukono and Jinja.

The MPs on the committee including Buikwe South MP ,DR Lulume Bayiga Buikwe, Jinja East MP Paul Mwiru told journalists that  the enforcement officers carry authorized letters signed by minister Nankabirwa and they are going in different parts of the county illegally impounding fish and demanding for huge sums of money from the fishing communities.

They (MPs) also said that, they have on several occasions notified the minister on the illegal acts of her enforcement officers but Nankabirwa has remained silent.

The legislators further urged Nankabirwa to come out and explain whether she is not sharing the loot from the fishermen.

Meanwhile minister Nankabirwa said that, the accusations by the MPs are politically motivated by self-seeking legislators who want to win electoral favors from their constituents.

She also added that, the people hired to do the job are not randomly picked but are vetted by the district security council’s.