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By Kezia Agaba

Just a few days after her breakup with Mario, singer Cindrella Sanyu has got another man called Kenny-Kenneth Muyiisa real names. Kenny is based in South Africa and is known by many as a successful businessman.

Cindy Sanyu

Cindy and Kenny have been close of recent, with the aura of no regret for having been dumped by Mario. However the news is bad for dancing singer Phina Masanyalaze, who has loved Kenny for over five years with a three year old son.

Kenneth Muyiisa -Kenny

Kenneth Muyiisa -Kenny Cindy Sanyu’s New Man

The relationship between Sanyu and Kenny has gone to a level of the tycoon renting out a house for the dance hall queen in Muyenga.Cindy left Mario’s house three weeks ago.

Meanwhile Cindy and Mario are set to get on one table to decide on who should take care of their one daughter .The only challenge the two could face is that Mario stresses that Cindy is too busy for their kid since she is a musician and is always out during the night. At the same time, Cindy says Mario’s bar attending job at night will give him no time for the child.