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A man in Romania swallowed a fork to impress a friend. Radu Calincescu, 25, had been drinking when he bet with a friend that he could swallow a fork without getting hurt.

He swallowed the fork and it got stuck in his throat. He was shortly rushed to A&E medical facility in the city of Bacau, after experiencing an ‘intense pain’ a few minutes after the stupid act.

Man Swallows Fork

An x-ray showing the fork in the man’s throat

He was discharged without undergoing an immediate operation .Doctors told him to wait for a few days to enable the fork move out naturally.

‘I have to come back in a few days to see if the fork has moved. If it reaches my stomach and looks like it could pierce the lining I will need an operation,’ he said

He has vowed not to take part in any bets again.