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By Kezia Agaba

Many words are still hovering in the city over the splitting of Eagles Production band into two separate bands.Many words point to finances, a common cause of company or business breakups. However, it should also be noted that one of the band’s members and heads Geofrey Lutaaya was lazy.

Bad stories about the ‘Oli Miss’ singer range from abandoning shows for personal affairs to leaving stages prematurely .In one instance, Lutaaya’s English Premiership team Manchester United lost a game. Lutaaya is reported to have walked home before the final show.

Geoffrey Lutaya and His Wife plus Mesach Semakula

Geoffrey Lutaaya and His Wife plus Mesach Semakula

In another instance Lutaaya was humiliated on stage by a fan. He walked home immediately abandoning the show. One day Lutaaya, reportedly abandoned his band mates in Mubende yet they had travelled there to back him at his show.

All these stories have been sprouting up from our sources  since the split, hope Lutaaya  is not being used as a sacrificial lamb for a massively destroyed band.