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Preparations for the 2014 World Cup are on with much pressure on the Hosts Brazil. The pressure is mounting on the preparations committee which is acting behind schedule amidst criticisms and protests over the government’s spending on the event. There have been reports of demonstrations sparked by a 20 centavos (six pence) rise in bus fares, which coincided with massive investment in the World Cup, a slowdown in the economy and a rise in the cost of living, says the Telegraph

By 2007 when Brazil was announced as the hosts of the event , its economy was booming, with annual growth of more than five per cent. Under the then president Lula da Silva, the Bolsa Familia welfare programme was lifting millions out of extreme poverty and the country was thriving, grouped with Russia, India and China as one of the fast-developing Bric economies.But as the World Cup edged closer, the economy stalled, growing by just 2.3 per cent last year.

Two of the World Cup stadiums are unlikely to be finished until mid-May, a month before the event starts. However, former striker and Brazil’s World Cup, Ronaldo says, criticism over delays in preparations is normal, the event will end up successful just like the Winter Olympics and Sochi.

World Cup

“From what I hear abroad, they are talking about our very same doubts, delays, demonstrations, security – all this is very natural,” said Ronaldo

“There was uncertainty around the Winter Olympics and Sochi and we know the event was very successful. We hope the same will happen here, it’s a lot of work. Until the end of the World Cup, I’ll keep on fighting to convince people that it is a wonderful project for all of us in Brazil.” He added