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By Jumah Nsubuga

As the new leader of the opposition in parliament Wafula Ogutu heads to announcing the new shadow cabinet, opposition leaders are advocating for an inclusive cabinet. The last cabinet was dominated by the Forum for Democratic Change members with other parties taking a few positions.

Wafula Ogutu

New Leader of the Opposition in Parlament ,Wafula Ogutu

The Democratic Party boss Nobert Mao was yesterday quoted as saying, “We are in talks with the leader of the opposition in parliament to see how we can come up with an inclusive shadow cabinet. It is just a principle of cooperation”. “It is not something new but we have been following it as one of our principles” Mr Mao noted.

Meanwhile the Uganda people’s congress (UPC) president general Orara Otunu noted that, “We will agree on the distribution by all opposition parties in parliament. We have also agreed that it should be the people to nominate and withdraw its members, review the consultations of the party leadership. We are soon finalizing the discussions based on those principles” Mr Otunu added.

The parliament Rules of procedure says that, the leading opposition party takes the majority of shadow cabinet posts.FDC has the majority of members in parliament with 34 MPs, DP 11, UPC 10, CP1, JEEMA1 and independents 43.

Here is the Old shadow cabinet in Uganda’s parliament ahead of the reshuffle,

The Opposition Chief Whip – HON. WINFRED KIIZA
The Opposition Deputy Chief Whip – HON. AOL BETTY OCAN

Attorney General    HON. ABDU KATUNTU
Presidency and Constitutional Affairs    HON. MEDARD SSEGONA
Information and National Guidance    HON. IBRAHIM SSEMUJU
Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries    HON. DR. EPETAIT FRANCIS
Finance, Planning and Economic Development     HON. EKANYA GEOFFREY
Internal Affairs and Human Rights    HON. KYANJO HUSSEIN
Foreign Affairs, Regional Affairs    HON. WAMANGA WAMAI JACK
Education and Sports    HON. AKELLO JUDITH FRANCA
Public Service    HON. MUGUME ROLAND
Gender, Labour and Social Development    HON. EKWAU IBI FLORENCE
Works and Infrastructure Development    HON. WAFULA OGUTTU
Lands and Physical Planning    HON. OULANYA GILBERT
Housing and Urban Development     HON. NZOGHU M. WILLIAM
Tourism, Trade and Industry    HON. TAAKA KEVINAH WANAHA WANDERA
Water and Environment    HON. KEN-LUKYAMUZI JOHN
Energy, Oil and Mineral Development    HON. ATIM A.O. BEATRICE
Communication, ICT and Technology    HON. ALLEN ANDREW
Rehabilitation, Relief and Disaster Management    HON. REV. FR. OGWAL
Special Regions    HON. OCHOLA SPEPHEN.