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By our reporter

The National Resistance Movement party members at  the national leadership institute in Kyankwanzi  have threatened not to reverse their decision on  the homosexuality bill.

During the caucus meeting in Entebbe recently president Museveni referred the issue of homosexuality to this retreat. Mr Museveni said “The issue of homosexual will be discussed thoroughly in Kyankwanzi retreat and directed scientists to make a research and prove whether homos are normal or abnormal”.

Homosexuality in Uganda

Most MPs told our reporter  that they will not change parliament’s  decision on homosexuality. “Parliament passed the bill on homosexuality and we are waiting for the president to assent on it. If the  President comes with another decision as far as homosexual is concerned in this retreat, we shall not support him” Said Rubirizi county MP Hatwib Katoto

“If parliament changes its earlier decision on homosexuality, I will resign my seat in parliament. Even if I stand alone in this battle of fighting homosexuality in the whole world, I will continue to fight them because homosexual in abnormal and contrary to both our religions and culture. Mr Katoto added.

Bukanga county MP Stephen Kangwagye Rwakanuuma  also noted that homosexuality is not healthy ,adding that it mostly affects the youth.

“I don’t think whether my mind will change because I have a total negative attitude towards homosexual basing on a reason that, the biggest number of people affected is the youth. I should stand the position of defending them. Homosexuality is not health and enjoyable. It is sexual deviation” Said

Mr Kangwagye also noted  that “Most of people are not born as drunkards.Basing on the environment they live in, some are forced to booze and others are taught to smoke and at the end of it, they become addicted because they were taught those bad habits when they are still young. The same applies to homosexuality .We should stand strong and reject its mission so that it dies at the early stage to save young people and preserve our culture and human nature”.

Meanwhile Butaleja district woman MP noted that, president Museveni should assent on the Homosexuality law  to see that  people who are involved in this abnormal act are punished.

“We shouldn’t get involved in this foolish behavior because it affects our future generation. My voters in Butaleja do not want homosexual because even our culture doesn’t allow it” She noted.

The issue of homosexual will be the last item to be handled in NRM retreat going on in Kyankwanzi district.