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By Jumah Nsubuga

Kalungu west MP Joseph Sewungu (DP) has continued to press the Uganda national examination board (UNEB) secretary Mathew Bukenya to separate the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results of UPE  students from private schools.

Mr Sewungu told news reporters at parliament on Monday that, it will be difficult for the public to know the performance of UPE schools when their results are not separated from private schools.

“Almost all government sponsored schools (UPE) got failures. All students who excelled in PLE this year are from private schools. Where are pupils from UPE schools”? Mr Sewungu asked.

“Unless we review  the UPE program, children under the program will continue to fail because the program is not well organized. Mr Museveni should also stop owning UPE.On several times he goes not telling the world that, he brought free education in Uganda but when they fail, he doesn’t complain” He added.

Joseph Sewungu

Hon Joseph Sewungu

He further said that, unless  the teachers’ salary is increased, students will continue failing. “ Even O and A level students are going to fail because government refused to increase teachers’ salary”.

He however said that,he is going to write to the speaker of parliament to allow MPs discuss the failure of PLE this year when parliament resumes from recess.

Over 120,000 students across the country failed PLE exams but most of them are UPE products.