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By Kezia Agaba

With the Anti-Pornography Bill now into force , any person convicted of indecent dressing which includes wearing skimpy attire will pay a fine of Sh10 million or spend a maximum of 10 years in prison. It seems the punishment is too great for many girls in Kampala to bear. Most would rather close their short skirts wardrobes and open those with below the knee attires.

Some celebrities known for showing off their beautiful legs have been seen in longer dresses .Of course in fear of getting behind bars for illegal appearances.

Bobi’s wife Barbie has mostly  been seen in long dresses with nothing revealing her legs. Zuena Bebe’s  wife, also Life Stories Host on NTV can  be mistaken for a pastor’s wife. She has been in longer but trendy attires since the  Anti- Pornography law  against mini attires was made law.

Zuena Kirema

Zuena Kirema

Among other things, the law describes pornography as; “…the showing of sexual parts of a person such as breasts, thighs, buttocks or sexual genitalia.”  The showing of the thighs is the one that brings the mini-skirt into the equation.