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Pop star, Justin Bieber is facing deportation to Canada after more than 240,000 signatures from Americans signed a petition to have the star deported to his home country.

The crisis arose after the 19 year old star was arrested last month in January for drunken drag racing and driving without a license. Most of the Americans who signed the petition were concerned citizens.

Justin Bieber Faces Deportation to Canada

Justin Bieber’s mug shot after being arrested for drag racing.

According to the law, the President must respond to any petition with over 100,000 signatures, and “Deport Justin Bieber” has received over 249,000 as of February 6th.

Bieber is not the first celebrity to be faced with such a situation. Russell Brand in 2011 was deported from Japan because of his history of drug possession arrests in England. He had been trying to see his then-wife Katy Perry perform, but took the deportation in stride, tweeting, “Just asked my guard out for vegetarian sushi.” Paris Hilton was also deported in 2010 from Japan because of her own drug possession conviction.

If he is actually deported, Bieber fans should not feel sad because after a certain period of time, he can be allowed to come back into the country.