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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

Former Rwandan chief Patrick Karegeya will be buried in South Africa, his family has announced.

The  first statement issued in South Africa about Patrick Karegeya’s  burial stated that burial is being arranged in South Africa.

“It is with deep sorrow and regret that we announce the death of our father, husband and friend … As a family, we have taken a difficult decision to have him laid to rest in Johannesburg, South Africa on a day and date to be made known to you all later,” the family said.

Though his family desires Karegeya to be buried here in Uganda, the Ugandan government in a statement read out by Mr Fred Opolot , the Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman yesterday stressed  that he cannot be buried in Uganda because he was a citizen of Rwanda and resident in South Africa respectively at the time of his death.

An earlier communication from Uganda’s State Minister of Foreigh Affairs had indicated that Karegeya can be buried in Uganda without any involvement of government. Karegeya’s remains could not be flown to Rwanda after his death since he has been clashing with President Kagame’s government.

The decision to bury him in Uganda stems from the fact that Karegeya was born and raised in Uganda as a refugee, but returned to Rwanda after the Rwanda Patriotic Front in which he played a key role, captured power in 1994. His parents, who originally stayed in Ntungamo District, continued to live in Mbarara in Uganda.

Karegeya’s body was discovered in Johannesburg last Wednesday on a bed in the Michelangelo Towers Suites, Johannesburg