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Here are the Shocking Facts about Pastor Ofuche Ukoha (Sign Fireman)-Who Killed a Virgin Girl  in Lagos Nigeria.His church is known for using semi-nude girls to serve as ushers.

The Popular Lagos Pastor is also known as Sign Fireman.He heads “Dr. Fireman’s Church” located in the Surulere area in Lagos

His style of ministry has constantly attracted suspicion and controversy

Pastor Ofuche Ukoha (Sign Fireman) Killed a young girl

Pastor Ofuche Ukoha (Sign Fireman)

This week he was arrested for reportedly instructing a teenager to kill a virgin girl to obtain fecal waste for ritual purposes

He has loved a number of Nollywood actresses. One of them is Empress Njamah.

He is a good spender and lives a luxurious life. Pastor Fireman is said to have a fleet of cars.All his cars are yellow in colour.

The fleet of luxury vehicles includes Range Rovers, Hummers and other latest car brands

He invites the hottest girls in Lagos to attend his church

Nude girls serve as ushers in the church